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Terms of Service and Conditions

BlogZam is a free blogging service for you to be able to post whatever you want and monetize your own free WordPress blog.

BlogZam cannot be held liable or responsible for any actions taken by the user, or for anything written or placed on the user's blog.

The user is responsible for anything written or placed on their blog. The user is also responsible for keeping their WordPress admin password and other information safe and secure.

BlogZam may at any point stop giving this service of a free WordPress blogging platform. You will be given at least 30 days notice to be able to transfer any and all parts of your blog to save for your records and/or place on another blogging platform.

BlogZam will send you your visitor stats once a month per your request. We will only send you your visitor stats if you email us at and let us know that you would like to have records of your visitor stats sent to you.

BlogZam is not responsible for teaching you how to use WordPress, however we do send you info through email from time to time that may help you with the process.

If you ever need help with your WordPress blog, or your BlogZam account, please email and let us know what you need help with. We will get back to you as soon as we can, but please be patient as we are currently under staffed and are very busy. We will answer emails in the order they are received.

BlogZam makes no promises as to what it can offer. It is simply a place for you to create your own WordPress blog for free where you can place ads in order to earn revenue. (Google Blogspot blogging platform) is also a great place to blog for free and be able to place ads, but if you are not a fan of blogger/blogspot blogs, you can have a free WordPress blog at BlogZam.

Google also has the right to terminate your blogger/blogspot blog/account for any reason without notice.

BlogZam will not terminate your account without prior notification. We will give you at least 30 days notice or more before we terminate any account (except under the conditions below).


You are not allowed to have pornography related content on your blog. Please do not do this.

I repeat, No Adult Content.

If you have pornography related things on your blog, we will send you an email notifying you that you must take it off within 72 hours or we will have to delete your account. This is our only condition. Please abide by this rule. Keep it clean, people.

Terms of Service and Conditions are subject to change and/or be added to at any time. You are responsible for always being in the know of what the terms and conditions are. If at any time you break a rule, we will have to terminate your account. However, we will give you 72 hours from the time we send you notification to fix the problem. If the problem is fixed within 72 hours of notification, your blog will remain.

BlogZam is not legally responsible for anything that occurs on any user's blog through BlogZam.

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